The Hot Stove League was first conceived by and enterprising sports editor Karl Artman, of Selma, Alabama. His original idea was to form fun clubs where the members could swap ideas and discuss organized baseball in all its phases. With this thought in mind, several clubs were formed in the spring of 1935. Unfortunately, Artman passed away before his ideas had a chance to fully materialized.

Although more than 50 Charters had been formed by 1940, World War II seriously hampered the growth of the organization. Cy Butler, of the Alliance Review, had been interested in the organization as Alliance was the first city in Ohio to receive a Charter on November 18, 1937. Butler's interest in the idea led him to  purchase the franchise in January of 1942 and, as a result, the National Hot Stove League Headquarters was moved to Alliance with Butler becoming the National President. Under his leadership the program then grew to more than Charters and 100,000 members. After his death in 1965, the national program lay dormant until 1967, when a group of men that had been active in hot stove League Baseball pooled their efforts to incorporate as OHIO HOT STOVE BASEBALL LEAGUE, INC and reactivate the National Organization, so the benefits of Hot Stove League Baseball for Boys, Girls, young Men and Women could be offered to any community that desired it. Unfortunately the nation organization could not be revitalized.

Today there are only 11 Charters serving nearly 300 teams consisting of approximately 4,000 players in the state of Ohio, but the commitment to Boys, Girls, young Men and Women and the ideas of Karl Artman and Cy Butler remain the same: To provide the opportunity to discuss and play organized baseball in all its phases.

2022 Hall Of Fame Honorees :: Barry Benedict, Jerry Clapper and Donald "Jake" Ensign

Hall of Fame Members

Cy Butler (Founder)Alliance
John W. SterlingAlliance
Gene MasonAlliance
Bob GreweAlliance
Ted RuthAlliance
John MillerCanton South
Ralph A. MartinelliCanton South
Bob WellsCarroll County
Cliff MinorCarroll County
Mike HunterFirestone Park
Dick LeidigGoodyear Heights
Norm GerhartLorain County Suburban
Glenn BrophyLorain County Suburban
Jim JacksonLouisville
Ray PotterMeander
Robert SteinNorth Akron
Joe KolickNorth Olmsted
Dick ViebranzPortage North
Bill ChamberlinPortage South
Bill GalchickSalem
John HermanSalem
Harry CarliSebring West Branch
Ted ArmanStark Central
Robert BowmanStark County
Jack BirdStark County
Bob SislerTrumbull County
Larry DurchTrumbull County
William G. PhelpsPortage North
Herb ThoughtonTrumbull County
Kathy BaltesTrumbull County
Bonny Jo GroggUnited Local
Bob JamesonWayne County
George A. GeordanTrumbull County
Bob EbersoleGoodyear Heights
Larry KuhnsTrumbull County
Pat MullinsLorain County Suburban
Fred HazletLorain County Suburban
Don "Pappy" DennisLorain County Suburban
Bob FeierabendLorain County Suburban
Dan MorrisRavenna Hot Stove
Jack CriddleTrumbull County
Lou VasiLorain County Suburban
Bob and Jeannie MiscudaLorain County Suburban
Lonnie StacyRavenna 
Carl KirkseyAlliance 
Bill ManionPortage South 
Ron Holt Alliance 
Don BlackmanAlliance 
Paul PattonNorth Akron Hot Stove Baseball 
Joe TarnowskiPortage North 
Ken CarpenterLorain County
John and Lin TsangeosStark County
James NewmanAlliance Hot Stove
Tom GehringLorain County
John BaylessPortage South
Wayne CarterLorain County
Jim ClarkLorain County
Gene FarrLorain County
Bill BentonLorain County
Mona Lou GerhartLorain County
Doug BroadwaterLorain County
Mike HoslerLorain County
Ted MiglichLorain County
Muskie & Rose RiveraLorain County
Ron Jantz Sr.Lorain County
Dean AntognoliAkron
Mike JefferyLorain County
Mike and Teresa DykeSebring West Branch
Barry BenedictAlliance Hot Stove
Jerry ClapperLorain County
Donald "Jake" EnsignLorain County

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