Howard Rinehart :: 2023 Hall Of Fame Inductee

Howard Rinehart - Hall of Fame Inductee
Howard Rinehart with the OHBL and LCHS Executive Committees

    For the past 26 years, the following man has been a fixture at Hot Stove Baseball and Softball games, as well as various school sporting events in South Amherst. Whether it was as a score keeper, scoreboard operator, board member, or just a father and grandfather, Howard Rinehart has dedicated so much of his time to his grandkids and the youth of the area.
    In 1998 his oldest grandson started playing basketball in South Amherst. Howard was there from the beginning, cheering him on and gradually helping by cleaning up after games, keeping score and eventually becoming the official score keeper and clock runner.
    Howard also became part of South Amherst Hot Stove in 1998, becoming the score keeper for his five grandsons’ teams, Brentyn, Dylan, Jacob, Aidan, and Spencer. He would travel with the teams to other cities, including tournaments to not only be the scorekeeper but to also support each team. He bonded with many players and became part of their baseball families.
    In 2012, Howard became an official part of the South Amherst Firelands recreation board. At that time, he was head umpire for the recreation board. He oversaw scheduling the fields, the umpires and was the point person to be notified of rainouts so he could do the rescheduling. In addition, he became a Hot Stove umpire, attending every umpire clinic since and has even umpired a few games when there was a lack of umpires just so games wouldn’t be canceled. He has also traveled to Alliance each year to support teams and represent hot stove even if South Amherst-Firelands didn’t have a team playing.
    In 2018, he assumed the role of head of program for South Amherst-Firelands softball. Later, in 2019, Howard became Class A Vice President for Lorain County Hot Stove Softball, a position he still holds today. For the past 26 years, nothing has changed; you can still see Howard as the official score keeper on tournament games, leading Class A softball, being a cheerleader for his 7 grandkids, daughter Tracey and being a great friend and mentor to all who are lucky enough to know him. He even earned the nickname “Hot Wheels” when he was accidentally rolled through hot coals on his way to keeping score on Field 3 at Palmer Field!
    Howard Rinehart exemplifies what it means to be a Hall of Famer and Lorain County Hot Stove proudly nominates Howard for induction into the Ohio Hot Stove Hall of Fame.

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