2017 OHSBL Rulebook :: 01-30-2017

The 2017 OHSBL Rulebook is available for download on the Forms web page.

2017 OHSBL Rulebook Correction:: 01-30-2017

There were some date errors on page 8 of the 2017 rulebook. This revised page 8 must be used to determine the age classifications for the 2017 season

  • VIII - Player age eligibility
    The player must qualify under OHSBL definition of residence printed in section IX of this book, must be of correct age for the classification in which participating and must have parent consent for all minors. OHSBL offers programs for players age 9 and under through 19 years old. OHSBL League classifications provide organized baseball programs for a wide range of ages.

    A. League Classification I is for players of age 7-8 born on or between June 1, 2008 and May 31, 2010.
    B. League Classification HH is for players of age 9 born on or between June 1, 2007 and May 31, 2008.
    C. League Classification H is for players of age 9-10 born on or between June 1, 2006 and May 31, 2008.
    D. League Classification GG is for players of age 11 born on or between June 1, 2005 and May 31, 2006.
    E. League Classification G is for players of age 11 and 12 born on or between June 1, 2004 and May 31, 2006.
    F. League Classification F is for players of age 13 and 14 born on or between June 1, 2002 and May 31, 2004.
    G. League Classification EE is for players of age 14 and 15 born on or between June 1, 2001 and May 31, 2003.
    H. League Classification E is for players of age 16, 17, 18, 19 born on or between June 1, 1998 and May 31, 2001.

2017 OHSBL Rule interpretations and Edits. :: 01-30-2017

Please up date your 2017 Rule Book.

  • For the 2017 season Ohio Hot Stove Baseball will not adopt the new Major League Baseball rule that allows a team on defense i.e. Manager, Coach or player to put a batter on base with out being pitched to. In Ohio Hot Stove Baseball a pitcher shall pitch to a batter for the intentional walk.
  • Bats in E,EE classification can be one or two piece and made of wood, aluminum or composite. And shall be a maximum of -3 and shall be BBCOR .50 rated.
  • Page 28 :: (F league bats) Section 1.10 Bats that meet all criteria in section 1.10 (1) EE and E shall also be a legal bat for section 1.10 (2) F league bats.
    Bats in section 1.10 (2) F League bats, do not need to have the BBCOR .50 rating on the bat. This ruling refers to -4 and -5 bats only! Bats in this section may be made of wood, aluminum or composite, and have a maximum barrel diameter of 2 3/4 inch. Bats in this section may be a two piece bat.

State of Ohio Concussion to play Law :: 02-19-2013

All OHSBL Managers, Coaches and umpires must comply with this law that goes into effect April 26, 2013!!

Use this site to get your free certification. NHFS Free Concussion Course

  • Click on the button that says, please login to order. In the window that appears , click to register.
  • When your registration is complete you may "order" the free concussion course offered along the left hand side of the page. Continue following prompts. Although it may look like you'll be charged for the course, there is no cost.
  • Once you've completed "checkout," you'll be able to take the free online course and print a compliance certificate.

If you want additional information on this law go to Healthy Ohio :: Concussion in Youth Sports: Ohio's Return-to-Play Law