OHSBL Registration Program

The official OHSBL Registration program is now available for use by all communities participating in Ohio Hot Stove Baseball. The program simplifies the registration process and generates OHSBL rosters as well as many other reports. Download Register.exe for a new installation or RegUpd.exe to update an existing installation on your PC.

OHSBL Registration Program

The first time the program is started, a Readme is displayed. You should print the Readme and follow the steps in the Getting Started section to create and configure your database. The video tutorials explain in detail how to use the program. It is highly recommended you view the tutorials on entering names.

If you have your registration information in a spreadsheet it can be imported to initially create your database. Contact Registration Program Support for help in importing the registration information or for any other questions about the program.

Official OHSBL Forms

Forms below are listed by due date. Two versions of each form are available; Microsoft Word and PDF. The PDF documents are able to be typed, saved and emailed. Click the link (.docx or .pdf) to access each form. Please ensure all forms and fees are submitted on time.


FormNameDescriptionDue DateMS Word FormatFillable PDF Format
OHS-01Charter AffiliationContact information for all Charter officers, rule book contactSunday, October 9, 2022.docx.pdf
OHS-17Baseball Order FormAll teams are required to use Hot Stove Logo baseballs. Form must be completed and sent with a check as instructedSaturday, December 31, 2022.docx.pdf
OHS-02Consolidated Charter Information FormThis form replaces OHS-02, OHS-04 and OHS-08b and contains Charter Fee, Charter Area and Insurance AcknowledgementSaturday, February 12, 2023.docx.pdf
OHS-05Team FeesForm to accompany team fees by class from each CharterSunday, April 2, 2023.docx.pdf
OHS-07Division and Team ListForm that lists all team names, by Class, by Charter. One form per Class requiredSunday, April 2, 2023.docx.pdf
OHS-08Insurance Cost FormForm to accompany insurance check for all teams requiring OHSBL insuranceSunday, April 2, 2023.docx.pdf
OHS-08aInsurance FormMust be filed for all teams not using OHSBL insuranceSunday, April 2, 2023.docx.pdf
OHS-14Player ReleaseMust be completed and signed for each player that will be playing out of Charter for the seasonSunday, April 2, 2023.docx.pdf
OHS-15Team ReleaseMust be completed and signed for each team that is playing in another Charter for the seasonSunday, April 2, 2023.docx.pdf
OHS-12Tournament Fee RefundRequired for teams that paid tournament dues but wish to withdrawSunday, May 21, 2023.docx.pdf
OHS-13Tournament FeesForm to accompany team tournament fees, by Class, by CharterSunday, May 21, 2023.docx.pdf
OHS-16Tournament Site InformationMust be completed for each physical tournament siteSunday, June 11, 2023.docx.pdf
OHS-06Team RosterObsolete - Use roster programn/an/an/a

Other OHSBL Forms

2023 OHSBL Rulebook

OHSBL Administrative and Tournament Rules and Policies

OHSBL Accident Insurance Claim Form